I Feel Guilty…for Not Feeling Guilty

If I had wanted to spend my days surrounded by small children, I would have majored in Early Childhood Education. Instead, I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in English Literature and, spent my twenties and early thirties forging a sales career in both commercial and trade publishing. Enter marriage and a move; I found myself in another state, unemployed (we’d moved for my husband’s job), pregnant, and trying to envision how life as a stay-at-home mom would be, as I’d never before contemplated the possibility. IFeelGuilty [Read more...]

That Time I Spent $100 On An IKEA Stuffed Cat

It’s a scenario parents across the world have faced: their child imprints on an object, usually a stuffed toy or blanket, and that item disappears, causing sleepless nights and many a tear [until a convincing replacement is acquired]. But what if the object your child takes to is one of a kind, or discontinued? This is the dilemma my husband and myself faced last fall, after leaving “Murphy,” our son’s beloved stuffed kitty, in a church while attending an out-of-state funeral.


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Zazzle: For Life’s Big Events and the Small Details In-Between

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013


The last four years have been jam-packed with big events for my little family, and Zazzle has been a part of quite a few of them.  Our first Christmas postcard as a couple, our “Save the Date” cards before getting married, and even change of address cards, Zazzle has been a mainstay in marking such occasions.  Zazzle was there when we helped break our first Guinness World Record, with a onesie marking the milestone.  All of these large life events have been marked with Zazzle custom creations, but Zazzle is great for the small details as well.


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Kohler Bathroom Products, Perfect for Cloth Diapering & Potty Training Families


Having been cloth diapering for over two years now, I’ve dealt with my share of dirty diapers.  While dealing with the solids can be a dirty job, there are a lot of options out there to aid you in taking care of your diapers and keeping your bathroom (and yourself) germ-free.  I bypassed diaper sprayers, diaper sprayer shields, and even dirty diaper mitts, as I felt that these would just add another step to the process and over complicate things; I like to maintain a simple cloth diapering routine, and fleece liners alleviated the need for a sprayer.  Plus, all of these items would also become pretty unnecessary once my little guy potty trained (we’re still not 100% there, but we’re close).  When I was approached by Kohler to try a couple of their products, I felt it was kismet, as we had just begun potty training. [Read more...]

6 Things to Know about Cloth Diapers (When You’re Starting Late in the Game)

Hi, there!  I’m Sara, a recovering lawyer addicted to DIY projects and babywearing.  When I’m not doing diaper laundry, you can find me gabbing over at my blog, Embrace My Space, where I share my love for bold color, the coast and just a bit of quirk.  Please feel free to stop by to join me in my journey of falling in love with my home, one space at a time.


I recently posted a question on my Facebook page about a brand of environmentally friendly disposable diapers. One friend caught me off guard with her response: “I’m surprised you haven’t switched to cloth!” Cloth diapers, what!?! So, yeah, I babywear, breastfeed, blend my own baby food and string Baltic amber beads around my son’s neck. But I had yet to consider cloth diapering, an activity of many moms with parenting mindsets similar to my own. After some research I got really excited about giving cloth a try! Despite this enthusiasm, I was reluctant to start because I worried about how my already unpredictable schedule as a first time mom would be disrupted by this new method of catching my baby’s poop.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you’re probably intrigued by the benefits of cloth diapering –environmentally friendly, easy on your wallet, gentle on your baby’s bum and undeniably cute – yet hesitant to give up the convenience of disposables. After eight months of using disposables, I’m happy to say I jumped head first into cloth and haven’t looked back. Like any new parenting venture there’s a learning curve at the beginning, but switching to cloth won’t turn your world upside down if you start out with the right mindset! I’m here to share a few things I learned as a cloth diapering latecomer to help prepare you to switch to cloth with fewer growing pains! [Read more...]

15 Cloth Diapering Truths


The cloth diapering community is comprised of a unique collection of families who often share similar parenting philosophies.  Because cloth diapering is not yet mainstream, there is almost always a connection made when one cloth diaperer encounters another while out and about.  Having just purchased limited edition prints for the first time last night, despite vowing never to do so AND having a potty training toddler with no baby on the horizon, I had a chuckle to myself when I thought about all of the funny things we cloth diapering parents do.  I came up with these 15 cloth diapering “truths”:

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Project Pomona ECO Fit Shorts


If you’ve been hanging out in cloth diaper circles for any amount of time, you’re sure to have heard of Project Pomona.  Cloth diapering parents are lucky to have the inside scoop on Project Pomona’s amazing pants and shorts, but the truth is that their clothing is perfect for every type of diapered bum.  I bought Declan his first pair of Project Pomona jeans last fall and I love how great they fit his fluffy [and now non-fluffy] bum.  Because D’s so lean, we’ve not had many issues with pants [not fitting], but a couple of favorite pairs of Gap jeans did give him that strange “man belly” look (you know, the one where a man’s stomach looks like a woman’s in pants).  Enter Project Pomona.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Cloth Diapers

What To Do With Your Diapers When You No Longer Need Them

The sad day has arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re excited that your little one is finally potty trained.  But you are sad to be packing up your cloth diapers, too, aren’t you?  So, what should you do with your diapers when you no longer need them?

what to do with cloth diapers when you no longer need them

Don’t throw them out! Did y ou know that the US EPA estimates that 13.1 million tons of textiles are thrown out each year?  That means that the average American trashes almost 65 lbs of textiles every year… and you thought your little bruiser was getting heavy! [Read more...]

Super Potty Training with Super Undies!



Let me introduce you to the training pants that will take your little one from Dapperly Diapered to a Potty Training Superhero: Super Undies!  Of the four types of trainers we’ve tried, these are my favorite for several reasons (being American-made is one of them).

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#UOBS: 3 Ways to Score Amazing Baby Products

Now that I’ve got your attention…it’s that time of year again!  You know, time for The Ultimate Online Baby Shower; the only baby shower that spares you the embarrassment of unwrapping receiving blanket, upon receiving blanket, in front of the watchful eyes of your friends and family [and having to ooh! and aah! your way through]!  The Ultimate Online Baby Shower can be done anywhere you have an internet connection; whether that’s in the privacy of your [air conditioned] home, at your ultrasound appointment, sweating on the bleachers at your kiddo’s sports camp, wherever!  Keep reading, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

WHEN?  The Ultimate Online Baby Shower is taking place NOW through Friday, July 18.

As the title states, there are three different ways for you to grab some amazing baby products:

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